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Wine, craft beverages, and food created in a region reflect and are a part of that region’s distinct character. Savor maximizes your experience of the region and helps you savor the beverages, food, and destinations you love the most!

Savor Region ExplorerExplore your region with the Savor Tour Guide!

The Savor Tour Guide is our "killer feature," enabling you to tour like a professional. You can, for instance, tell Savor you are staying at a particular Bed & Breakfast and you want wineries, cheeseries, and restaurants within 15 miles which have a Savor Score of 21 or more and Savor will create a custom tour for you. The Savor Score is our unique measure of quality, driven by industry awards data as well as consumer activity in Savor (which wines are liked the most, which destinations are visited the most, and so on).

Savor DestinationsConnect to the destinations that matter the most!

It’s all about YOU.  Plan an afternoon, a day or a week around what YOU like.  If your perfect combo is dry Riesling, great Seafood and a cozy B&B by the lake – Savor will help make it happen!  The Savor Tour Guide will take and your group with turn-by-turn directions around your trail and when you arrive at a destination it will enable you to sign their guestbook (potentially with rewards), browse their wines and craft beverages, and keep track of your favorite products and places.

Savor FriendsConnect to your friends in ways you never imagined!

As the Savor neighborhood grows, network with friends (or make new ones) as you share your favorite wines and experiences in wine country. Savor connects directly to your social media accounts.

Savor Profile

Stay connected even after the trip is over!

As we all know, a trip through wine country can be overwhelming.  After a couple of stops it can be tough to remember where you tasted that great Cab Franc.  By the way, what was the name of the Inn with the great cross-country skiing?  Savor will help keep that all in order.  Trip history and any other details that might be forgotten are instantly accessible within your Savor account.

Savor GuestbookConnect to offers and deals that others can’t!

The Savor Guestbook allows you to connect directly with wineries and other businesses when you visit.  By signing in as you arrive at wine country destinations you’ll automatically build your network and receive special perks like rewards, discounts, fast-track purchasing, and other great benefits!